Ryutaro Kataoka self-portrait

Whether it's enveloping delicate flowers with raindrops or capturing the intricate details of sands on beaches, Ryutaro Kataoka's images are a celebration of nature's wonders, capturing moments of movement, the tranquility of water, and the delicate interplay of colors.

Ryutaro Kataoka is a Tokyo-based photographer known for his exquisite and artistic works. Ryutaro studied photography at Tokyo Visual Arts and has also shared his expertise by teaching photography at high schools, inspiring and guiding young minds in the art of visual storytelling.


  • 2019 Funabashi Walden, Funabashi
  • 2019 Cosplay, Shibuya
  • 2018 Kataoka ga Semete Kitazo, Shibuya
  • 2018 My Pet ☆ My Hero, Shibuya
  • 2017 Nekoatume, Shibuya
  • 2016 UyaUya: Ruins and Cats, Shibuya
  • 2015 The Night of Cats, Shibuya